NRM (Natural Resources Management)

South Australian primary producers are involved in NRM in a range of ways:

  • Managing soils, crops and pastures, water, biodiversity and other natural resources and controlling pest plants and animals on the properties they manage
  • Working together with other producers in agricultural bureaus, landcare groups and other grower groups to share knowledge, learn about and develop new techniques and support one another to improve the profitability and sustainability of their businesses
  • Participating in NRM-related Boards and Committees and providing input to consultations
  • As staff, consultants and contractors working off-farm in the NRM sector.

PPSA is one of five partners who developed and committed to the Agriculture and NRM Working Together Action Plan 2014-2017 (644KB) (and 2013), aimed at improving how the natural resources management system and the agriculture sector work together in South Australia.  The 2014-2017 Action Plan has two goals:

  • Sustainable management and productive use of land, water, air and sea.
  • A competitive business environment.

As part of its commitment to the Action Plan, the Department for Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) has provided funding for the 2014-2015 financial year to PPSA to employ a part-time NRM liaison officer to:

  • Work with PPSA, its commodity groups and the NRM sector to facilitate engagement and communication with NRM, and
  • Assist PPSA to deliver the actions it is responsible for in the Action Plan.

DEWNR is also producing a guide to the Minimum Requirements of Boards and Committees under the NRM Act. DEWNR will also prepare a guide to Roles and Responsibilities under the NRM Act which is expected to be available some time in 2016.

A range of producer/grower groups and organisations are developing, trialling and supporting the uptake of new techniques and technologies to improve the long term viability of primary production.  The following are just a small sample of peak organisations working in sustainable farming:

A youtube video was prepared for PPSA, showing primary producers managing natural resources and achieving improved outcomes (particularly regarding soil management and protection).

For more information about NRM in South Australia (via the DEWNR/Natural Resources website), click here.