Livestock SA

Livestock SA has recently been formed to vigorously represent and promote the interests of sheep, beef cattle and goat producers in South Australia. Livestock SA is the voice for these livestock producers on all livestock-related issues.

Livestock SA is a forum to consider how livestock issues should be resolved, what is needed to allow livestock production to prosper, and ensure government and the community are clear on livestock producers’ views – but it can only do this with the support and involvement of all livestock producers.

All livestock producers who pay industry levies under the Primary Industries Funding Schemes Act 1998 in South Australia are eligible to be members.  There is no additional cost for levypayers to be a member of Livestock SA.

So that Livestock SA can better contact and service members, all livestock producers are asked to complete and return the application for membership.


Associate membership

Associate membership is available for farm managers, consultants, businesses and anyone interested in beef cattle, sheep and goat production in South Australia. Anyone who is not eligible to pay livestock industry levies under the Primary Industries Funding Schemes Act 1998 (and has not sought a refund) may join Livestock SA as an associate member. Associate members who pay the annual membership fee will be considered as full members with voting rights.

As at 1 January 2014, the membership fee for associate membership is $110 per year (including GST). This can be paid to Livestock SA either by cheque or electronic funds transfer.


Amended Livestock SA Application Form March 2015

Livestock SA Associate Membership Form