Commodity Associations

Each of the commodity associations is an autonomous organisation, with its own governing body.

Grain and livestock producers can join Grain Producers SA and Livestock SA simply by filling out a membership form, as levies are generally paid by all producers. Likewise pork producers can join Pork SA.

A levy also funds the Wine Grape Council of SA and regional grape grower associations.

Dairyfarmers can join the South Australian Dairyfarmers Association, which is funded by membership fees.

The Horticulture Coalition of SA is made up of 13 organisations, which growers can join in many cases. These are the Adelaide Produce Market Ltd, Almond Board of Australia Ltd, Apple and Pear Growers Association Inc, AUSVEG SA, Citrus Australia (SA Region), Hortex Alliance Inc, Australian Mushroom Growers Association, Nursery and Garden Industry of SA Inc, Olives South Australia Inc, Onions Australia, Pistachio Growers’ Association Inc, South Australian Chamber of Fruit and Vegetable Industries and Women in Horticulture.

Of course, if more than one commodity is produced, primary producers can be members of more than one organisation.


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